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Bhupathiraju Lakshminarasimha Raju [Swami Jnanananda]

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Bhupathiraju Lakshminarasimha Raju [Swami Jnanananda] Empty Bhupathiraju Lakshminarasimha Raju [Swami Jnanananda]

Post by Swaroop on Sat Feb 06, 2010 4:56 am

This is "Bhupathiraju Lakshminarasimha Raju", who was later christened "SWAMI JNANANANDA" by his guru, Swami Purnananda.
He is a SAINT and a SCIENTIST.
Born in Goraganamudi village near Bhimavaram in West Godavari district on December 5 1896.
Jnanananda's father, Rama Raju, was a wealthy landlord, who was interested in Vedic and scholarly pursuits.

By and large, a person will be a saint or a scientist. But Swami Jnananada was both a saint and a scientist. He did almost 10 years of penance meditations in Himalayas. Later he went abroad and took Doctorate degrees with his background of school education only. He returned to India, worked as assistant director in National physical laboratory and started nuclear department as head and professor in Andhra University. A book on him entitled “The Saint and The Scientist” was published by the University Resources Press, Washington, USA in 1992.
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